Guide To The Best British Curriculum Schools

The British Curriculum or the UK Curriculum is well-renowned in Singapore in the present times. Discover the best british school singapore with this article, continue reading!

Why should you choose the British Curriculum? 

British education has bagged a powerful reputation for quality and is respected and known all across the world. The National Curriculum of England, which you might also know as the British Curriculum or the UK curriculum, enjoys a high degree of popularity.

As per the research carried on by the International School Consultancy, there are more or about 3,300 schools that offer the UK curriculum; this makes it one of the most demanded curriculums across several international schools in every corner of the world.

The British curriculum is a complete structured curriculum and one of the biggest benefits is how transferable it can be, a student can seamlessly move from one country to the other or return to the UK.

Studying in Singapore 

Singapore is an island city-state in southern Malaysia and is globally known as the financial center with a multicultural population and tropical climates. Singapore officially recognizes four languages- Tamil, Mandarin Chinese, English, and Malay; English is the most common language of them all. English is the common language used by the government, in several businesses, and as the most-used medium of instruction in universities and schools.

best british school singapore

3 Best British schools in Singapore 

  • St. Joseph’s Institution International

St. Joseph’s Institution International was established in 2007. It offers an International, value-driven, and holistic educational experience to a diverse body of students of more than 40 nationalities. This British school has a Lasallian Catholic foundation and welcomes teachers, friends, students, parents, and supporters of all cultural backgrounds and faiths.

  • Dover Court International School

Dover Court International School is a British international school inclusively in Singapore. They offer a differentiated, broad, and balanced program that operates within the English National curriculum’s framework. They share a passion for inculcating learning and commitment in their children to ensure that the potential and aspirations of every student are nurtured and fostered effectively.

  • North London Collegiate School

It takes pride in being one of the most prestigious NLCS networks drawing a rich tradition and history of the UK’s founding schools. They aim to provide a student with a life-changing and inspirational educational experience to ensure well-rounded, compassionate, and successful human beings in a long run.


It is not difficult for a best british school singapore to score 5 with perfect scores from respondents. Parents must diligently choose a school by paying attention to reviews by the parents. The more the reviews are, the more likely is the acceptance of school in the society.