Prevent Any Workplace Injury By Using a Fall Arrest System

Falls are pretty common sights when you are talking about working at heights that may cause serious work injury and sometimes even death. However, the good thing is that you can prevent the accidents associated with working at heights with a fall arrest system. It prevents you from tripping, slipping, and falling.

Fall arrest systems are a vital component of at-height work or construction sites. They are particularly helpful in the prevention of fatalities caused by falls. A fall arrest system is a system that protects the worker if a fall happens. For instance, if a person is working near an unprotected edge falls, the system along with a fall arrest harness catches the worker in the mid of the fall and prevents him from hitting the area below.

Are all fall arrest systems the same to fall prevention?

fall arrest system

This might be one of the questions arising in your mind – whether the fall arrest system and fall prevention system are the same or not. Well, there is a difference between them. The fall arrest system work after the fall happens while fall prevention works to prevent such events from occurring with the help of roof guardrails or edge protection.

Types of fall arrest systems

You all have heard this phrase that no size fits all and the same is the case with fall arrest systems. The system is broadly categorized into two systems – general and personal. General fall systems, aka passive fall arrest, contain nets and catch platforms while personal includes harnesses and lanyards.

The most common fall arrest systems you will come across are:

  • Static lines
  • Rope grabs
  • Anchor points
  • Rails
  • Safety nets (when there are no scaffolds)

When should you use the system?

Now let’s look at the situations where you cannot go without a fall arrest system. The situations are only the ones where you work on heights that include carrying out cleaning, roofing, glazing, and electrical work.

It doesn’t matter how minimal the risk is, you should not take it lightly and should have at least one form of the system at the site.

Now that you have made up your mind about getting a fall arrest system in place or strengthening the one that is already there, you need to choose a provider from the available ones in the market. Don’t rush into the decision in a hurry but take your time to analyze the services provided by each provider, do research, and only then make an informed choice.