Breast Milk – A Knowhow

Mother keeps her unborn baby in her womb secured,protected from the outside world for 9months. She eats all the healthy foods so that her baby can get the same food in her  tummy through the umballical cord .The same mother after giving birth to her child wants to feed her child the most nutritious thing called Breast Milk. New born babies are most fragile, delicate they can easily Catch infections, allergies, To make her baby strong enough to fight with outside world a mother can feed Breastmilk which is also called LIQUID GOLD . Breastmilk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breast fed babies are healthy and less prone to any infections. WHO also recommend mother’s to breastfed till minimum 2years .But for some mother’s breastfeeding doesn’t come easy many new mother’s suffer from low Breastmilk supply . So like all even I suffered but I didn’t give up on the taught of breastfeeding my baby as long as these are few things and foods which helped in my breastfeeding journey.

Firstly bring baby to breast as much as possible more the baby sucks the breasts more it triggers to produce milk .

And these are the few foods which in regular intake enhance the milk supply for sure.Every mother is different these are the foods which worked for me and my few friends and family the same foods might not work for some .but these are tried and tested foods to enhance Breastmilk .

  1. Bottlegourd curry

Bottlegourd is one such veggie. A bottle gourd cooked with milk is included in meal at my home for new mother’s. This vegetable surely helps in increasing breastmilk.

4.Ridge gourd

It definitely helps in increasing breastmilk, this vegetable helped me a lot in increasing my breastmilk supply. I had included this vegetable in my everyday meal and seen doing Wonders .

  1. Palak+ Garlic curry

Palak being rich source of iron helps in providing nutrition to the postpartum body . Take a vessel add lil oil when heated add lots of sliced garlic once color changes add a bunch of chopped palak and let it cook add salt and the palak garlic curry is ready .

6 Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are highly nutritious. These seeds helps a lot in increasing breastmilk production. Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight and in the morning you can see roots coming from those seeds ,you need to eat the seeds with the roots. It helps in milk supply do this every morning for first three months do can see Wonderful results.

Apart from eating all the essential foods for increasing breastmilk production you have to nurse your baby as much as possible.