Safeguard Yourself With Influenza Vaccine Singapore Clinic

Influenza vaccines, commonly known as flu shots, are given to children six months or older to protect against the four most common influenza viruses. These shots are given with a vaccine in the arm, but another spray flu vaccine is also available. Get your toddler flu shot today with influenza vaccine singapore clinic.

When Is The Right Time To Get A Flu Shot?

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is an infection caused chiefly during colder months. Hence, getting the flu vaccine at the beginning of older months is best. This gives the body chance to make all the antibodies to protect against the flu. Influenza vaccine Singapore clinic is also essential for people who travel to get the vaccines during the flu season to safeguard themselves.

However, the flu vaccine is not for everyone. It is only recommended for toddlers above six months of age. Adults are hardly prone to flu, but they will recover in a week or so even if they get any infection. The flu shot will safeguard toddlers from catching infections from their parents. This vaccine is more important for toddlers as they are more prone to infections.

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Types Of Flu Shots

The two types of flu shots are vaccine and nasal spray. When the nasal spray vaccine came on the market, it was not recommended for kids because it did not work well. Today the new version works as well as shot. However, it is recommended that nasal spray is only for healthy people above the age of 2 to 49 years of age. Younger children and pregnant women should not get nasal spray vaccine.

Why Is the Flu Vaccine Recommended?

A flu vaccine lowers the chances of a person catching the flu. It may seem like an infection, but the flu can be severe. The vaccine is not 100% effective on people. It makes the symptoms less severe than the person who has not received the vaccine. Doctors recommend getting the flu vaccine every year because the flu virus is changed every year. Another reason behind this is that body immunity decreases over the years.

So, it is essential to get flu shots every year. It not only safeguards an individual but the whole community. Getting vaccines to be safe and well protected from diseases might prevent an epidemic.