Are you wondering where to buy a Sandisk micro sd card?

Micro sd card to help you store various data. It is also convenient when you want to increase the storage capacity of smartphones and tablets. Recently, there has also been an increase in the number of products with a large capacity of 256 GB or more. So, this time, we will introduce a recommended micro-SD card. In addition to the difference between standards and speed classes, we also explain how to choose popular manufacturers and wonder where to buy sandisk micro sd card. So please check it out.

How to choose a micro-SD card?

Choose the right amount of space for your device and how choose a micro-SD card with the capacity that suits your device.
When choosing a micro-SD card, it is important to choose the capacity that suits the terminal and application to be used. For example, if you use 32GB with a smartphone, about 5400 photos and about 8000 songs for music are a guide. When it comes to 4k videos and high-resolution sound sources, the data becomes larger. So, the number of sheets and songs that can be put in will decrease.

In addition, if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can use a micro-SD card for up to 2 TB. A drive recorder requires at least 8 GB. Let’s consider the number of game software to be saved, the number of photos, etc., and choose the product with the optimal capacity.

where to buy sandisk micro sd card

Check the standard

Check the standards before you think about where to buy a SanDisk micro-SD card? Recommended micro-SD cards have a standard. It is necessary to be careful because they cannot be used unless the terminal supports that standard. The standard is divided into three types according to capacity: SD, SDHC, and sdxc. Sd supports up to 2 GB, SDHC supports storage capacity of 4 ~ 32 GB, and sdxc supports storage capacity of 64 GB or more. If your device supports a higher standard, you can also use a micro-SD card of a lower standard.

SanDisk is a manufacturer of flash memory-related products. It is the developer of SD cards and has gained high trust from around the world. Operation is guaranteed for various products including the action camera “GoPro”, so it is characterized by being able to use with confidence. The product lineup of micro-SD cards is wide, and it is also attractive that it is excellent in costa. It also handles large-capacity 1TB models and durable products that are easy to use even with security cameras.