TechWeb Design

Crucial Tips for Web Design

  • Clutter free: Simplicity is the key – with so much information and noise around us, there is no need to add banners, pop up ads and even icons on a site.  It can be very distracting, so keep it simple and tidy. Embrace flat design and white spaces in a page and make it easy for visitors.
  • Do research: Do a lot of research before starting the job of designing or revamping a website.  Look at a number of sites with the idea of figuring out what you like and don’t like about each one. Make notes and jot down ideas on the features you would like to incorporate into your website.  Whether it is a contact page or using check marks to highlight essential information, note down ideas so that you can use it in your design schema.
  • Using Visuals: Visual hierarchy is a term used to define how people see items on a page – in patterns.  Harnessing this information can help you to design optimized web pages where important content is presented effectively.  In visual hierarchy, a person’s eyes move from left to right and top to bottom.  Make sure to put all the important content where it is seen right away.  While doing this, make sure not to put too much information in one spot as it can be visually overwhelming and the purpose defeated.
  • Ease of reading: Text conveys essential information and also answers readers’ questions.  Make sure that the font is the right size. If you have colors on your page, make sure to use a good combination which is pleasing to the eyes and also easy to read.  Some combinations may look good together but are not easy to work with on a website.  If your visitors are not able to get what they need, they will give up and move on – not a desired outcome for you as a business owner. Choosing the right colors, a good font size and a combination of 3 or less fonts is a good way to create balance on a page.
  • Mobile platform friendly: With more and more mobile devices and applications being introduced to the marketplace, it is essential for every business to have a mobile version as well.  Web design companies do this for their clients so that they can harness market potential.  Updating and revamping websites is essential so that newer features can be included to reach the widest market possible.